Installation of the upper system for suspension bridge

The company is involved in the installation of main cable, hanger cable, cable saddle, cable clamp and anchorage system, stiffening girder hoisting, system transformation and installation of anti-corrosion dehumidification system. Suspension bridge contains a variety of self-anchored suspension bridges, earth-anchored suspension bridges and suspension plus cable stayed composite bridges.

Installation of the upper system for cable-stayed bridge

The company is also involved in the installation of steel tower of cable-stayed bridge, stay cable (epoxy coated steel strand, finished cables), stay cable conduit and steel anchor box. The construction of stay cable includes the hanging basket construction and the bracket construction(Special construction method includes the rotation construction and pushing construction).

Design and Manufacturing of special equipment and tooling for installation

The company can design and manufacture the wire wrapping machine of main cable, cable tightening machine to satisfy each kind of main cable diameter, hanger cable, tensioning equipment, hoisting gate frame, catwalk and other construction platforms.

Maintenance and reinforcement of cable bridge

The company can perform the maintenance of suspension bridge, cable-stayed bridge, half-through and bottom-through arch bridge, including the outer repair of hanger, inspection and repair of main cable, hanger cable and anchorage, replacement of hanger cable, adjustment of cable force, pretension of bolt for clamp, maintenance and replacement of each accessory, restoration and replacement of corrosion protection system.

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